Reed Diffuser

A reed diffuser will give every space a long-lasting scent. Essential oils are dispersed into the air by evaporating it through bamboo reeds.

How do you use a reed diffuser?

Remove the metal screw cap and plastic plug, and if your diffuser has a decorative metal cap, screw this back onto the bottle. Immerse your reeds into the liquid and allow them to soak up the oil. Once they have absorbed some of the oil, flip them to begin the release of the beautiful scented home fragrance. You should flip the reeds about once per week

200 ml

Brave  – Vanilla Scent: Creamy and complex notes that is aromatic, sweet and musky

Courage – Sugar Grapefruit Scent:  Features a fruity floral aroma with the notes of pink grapefruit, orange citrus and musk lily and sugar cane essence.

Faith – Aqua Rain:  A blend of fresh bamboo after a tropical rain.

Hope – Sherbet: Combining layers of raspberry, lime, and orange sherbet, with citric notes

Joy – Hot Spicey Cinnamon: A sweet and woody flavour, cinnamon has a slight citrusy note, and its spicy taste is often likened to the powerful punch of cloves.

Love – Desert Lilly: Aloe Vera. A fresh, cool and soothing aroma

Warrior – Coco Lime Scent: Tropical notes from coconut, floral freesia, sweet sugar cane and the zest of lime with hints of vanilla



Aqua Rain, Cinnamon, Coco Lime, Desert Lilly, Lemon Grass, Sherbet, Sugar Grape Fruit, Vanilla