Post Surgical Drain Pouch

A Post Surgical Drain Pouch can make life a lot easier. Most patients undergoing mastectomy breast surgery will most certainly land up having drains post-surgery. One of the most difficult parts of having surgical drains is managing both the tubes and the drainage collection ports.

Surgical drains perform an important role in healing after breast surgery. Fluid often builds up in the area where a breast is removed. This can cause discomfort and delay healing if it is not drained. The tubes flush into the drain bag connected to the wound.  These drain pipes go into your surgical site and drain off any fluid to prevent seromas developing. A seroma is collection of fluid that can be uncomfortable and sometimes cause scarring.

I saw people using pillow cases and all sorts of carrier bags during their recovery. Most hospitals do not generally supply carrier pouches for surgical drains. 

The Solution:

During my post op recovery from a double mastectomy in June 2019 I found a bag that I bought during a holiday for my 10-year wedding anniversary in Zanzibar.  I used this bag to carry the drains and free up my hands.

This inspired the idea to fine tune the bag for other people to deal with post op drain bags.  My post surgical drain pouch is made from soft fabric that is comfortable, washable, durable and easy to wear. They come in funky colours to give you an extra boost when you are feeling lousy and not on top of the world.  The post surgical drain bag takes the hassle of dealing with these bags freeing up your hands to do things for yourself.

We want you to regain your comfort and confidence after surgery or reconstruction with a post surgical drain pouch that is a safe and smart solution helping you to getting back to feeling your best.

Bag Theme/Colour

Autumn, Flower Power, Pink, Africa Flower, Animal, Autumn Stripes, Dandelion, Ocean Flower, Red Flowers, Red Stars, Red Stripes, Tiny Stripes