Introducing Confetti Wax Candles:

Pour, Customize, and Ignite Magic!

Transform your space with our granulated confetti wax. The effortless pour will empower you to craft one-of-a-kind candle arrangements, allowing you to express your personal style and conjure a truly enchanting atmosphere.

Experience the ultimate hassle-free candle solution! Say goodbye to time-consuming setups and messy clean-ups with our eco-conscious candles. Our innovative solution saves you time and resources while eliminating candle waste. Elevate your decor and minimize waste with our hassle-free candles today!


STEP 1 – Fill your candle cylinders with confetti wax.

STEP 2- Insert a wick, leaving the 0.5-1cm of the wick sticking out.

STEP 3 – Light & enjoy the new era of candles.

STEP 4 – Replace the wick after use to make it brand new again.


Why buy confetti wax candles?

Non-toxic. Plant based. Renewable. Customizable. Perfect Gift Idea. Safe


450 g, 15 wicks