360FIVE Everyday – Hat Style Details

Elegant and sophisticated in design, this bucket hat has a wide 5,5 cm ribbon detail around the crown. The natural fibre material will keep you cool all summer long when spending time in the garden, at the beach or poolside.

  • UPF50+ Certified UV Protection. CANSA SunSmart Choice™ Endorsement.

  • Size: 58 cm

  • Crown height: 11 cm

  • Brim size: 8 cm

  • 100% finely woven Natural Fibre

  • Spot Clean. Handle with care

  • Basic drawstring size adjustment

UPF50+ Rated UV Protection

Sun hats with a UPF test certificate are accepted by dermatologists as well as the Cancer Association in both Australia (Cancer Council) and South Africa (CANSA – Cancer Association of South Africa), where the UV rays are shown to be some of the highest in the world.

A sun hat is a physical barrier between you and the sun, unlike SPF sunscreen that needs to be reapplied every couple of hours.

Where the words “UPF50+ Certified UV Protection” are used on our websites, and the UPF50+ swing tag is attached to the item when purchasing one of our hats, it means that those products have been tested and verified in a laboratory under strict standards to achieve their UPF50+ rating and offer your skin maximum sun protection.

The UPF50+ rating means that the hat will block out 97 – 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays and is considered to offer “Excellent” sun protection.

UVA protection ensures the deeper layers of your skin are protected from early aging and wrinkles.

UVB protection stops your skin from burning, and as we all know sunburn may cause permanent damage over time.


Hat Sizing & Adjustment

How To Measure Your Head

  • You can measure your head size with a soft tape measure or piece of ribbon/string.
  • Place the ribbon, string or tape around your head just above your ears, about mid-forehead.
  • You should hold it firmly, but not too tight! It should feel as comfortable as you would want it to feel when you wear the hat.
  • Mark the soft tape measure with a pencil, and you’ll see which size is best for you.
  • Or tie a little knot in the ribbon or string and measure the length in centimetres.


How to restore you hat after travel