Summer Beret Hats

Historians believed that the beret hat came from the combination of two kinds of hats that originated in ancient Greece. Firstly, the pileus (a hat that has a cone shape).  And secondly, the petasos (a flat cap that has a wide brim to block sunlight).

During the 1900s, the beret transitioned from a hat worn by peasants and soldiers to a fashion statement for women. Women believed that the beret looks stylish besides also being functional.

Traditionally, the beret was a man’s hat, even though some women were sporting them as early as the 1800s. The big change came in the 1930s when Coco Chanel, who was famous for taking comfortable men’s clothing and adapting it for women, made the beret a fashion statement for the ladies. Then movie stars such as Greta Garbo and Brigitte Bardot wore them in films and the beret has remained a female fashion accessory ever since.

Options for wearing the beret include set back on the head (halo style), flat on the head (pancake style), pulled down covering the ears (winter version), dipping diagonally to one side (fashion style), or pulling over the eyes for sleeping (oversized practical type)

Summer Beret Hats are individually crafted. They are soft, stretchy, comfortable, fuss-free, non-slip and ready to wear. Because of the type of material used one size fits most people.

These hats are also suitable for alopecia sufferers.

In short  – adorn you head with chemo headwear from Hats by Lori to make you feel beautiful and give you confidence!

Proudly made in Cape Town

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