Lori’s Journey

This is the story about Hats by Lori and Lori-Anne, the 50-year-old cancer warrior. She got the diagnosis on the 25/10/2018 with stage 4, HER2 + breast cancer.

I lost my hair and I made the decision to make hats. Hats By Lori, founded in October 2018, around the time I lost my hair, quickly grew to a business.

BALD & Beautiful

I needed something to adorn my bald head, make me feel confident and beautiful, especially during the 7 months of baldness.

I personally couldn’t find anything local and decided to try making hats myself. This is my journey and how my hats bring joy and hope to other fellow warriors.

Lori started treatment immediately and just 16 days in, after the fourth session of Chemotherapy, her hair started falling out.

She had heard that some patients choose to wear headscarves during the process but she just couldn’t get them fitting right.

A friend had heard what Lori was going through and decided to hand-make her a beautiful chemo hat to wear.

Lori fell absolutely in love with the idea and loved the way the hat made her feel.

She wanted more colours, and flowers and styles to match her other clothes so started making them herself!  

Visit our Facebook Page

She started a Facebook page to share her journey with South Africans while finding other cancer patients who may be in need of a beautiful hand made hat.

Lori has a big year ahead, with more chemotherapy sessions booked and a double mastectomy planned but is not stopping with her Hats by Lori or her kind donations.

When Lori is not making hats she is a Pilates instructor.

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